A quick spring break getaway into one of my favorite mountain ranges.

The Elkhorns are a mountain range situated within the Blue Mountains, stretching across the north-eastern corner of Oregon. Despite their proximity to interstate 84 and Baker City, this compact, prominent set of jagged peaks are seldom visited by anyone other than locals and dedicated peak baggers. Anthony Lakes, a ski resort on the range’s northern flanks, offers the best groomed snow Oregon has to offer, and this does bring in some tourism, but it too retains a slower paced lifestyle. To get to the point, I have been drawn in by this simpler region, and for spring break Katy and I booked a small A-frame cabin at the foot of the Elkhorn’s second largest, namesake peak. Our stay was short, but we managed to fit in a circumnavigation run of Phillips Lake, fine dining at the Lone Pine restaurant (consistently 5 stars for this place!), nordic skiing, and a whole lot of cozy.
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