Orcas Island 50k 2016

Orcas Island 50k 2016

The smiles were never forced and rarely forgotten, although once 18 miles were under my belt I found that they had to be at times forcefully remembered. Despite the hurt and blur of it all these middle miles were likely the most notable, because it was here I pushed through the drawl of weaknesses revealed. The incredible doses of elevation proved both climbing and falling to be strong suits of mine—I was even deemed Strider during this race as a result—resumed running, however, is where my legs turned to jello and fault was found.

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Home to hundreds of trails suitable to alpinists in training, the Columbia River Gorge offers easy to demanding challenges to residents of Portland and the PNW.


Exploring Oregon’s cascade volcanoes one north face at a time. The off season in particular yields stunning beauty, solitude and often untouched terrain, if not brutal conditions.


To summit the one hundred highest peaks of Oregon is a feat that few, three I believe, have ever accomplished. The sum total of their diversity is unparalleled in our nation.


 Running alongside guardians and adversaries. #devilsrest #angelsrest #runhighs  Wy'East as seen from Larch Mountain's summit during Monday's run. #runhighs  Five years is too long a leave from the heart of these fine mountains. #runhighs
 The time is near. #runhighs  More Larch please. #runhighs  Nutrition, hydration, and a great pair of shoes. I have never felt so good the day after a long run, and to feel as such after the longest run to date makes it even better. Mt. Hood circumnavigation is officially checked off ... once. #runhighs #mthood
 Pondering the lifespan of glaciers. #mthood #runhighs  From the trail to the ale, Oswald is a hit. The basil infusion is an added bonus.  Some nights are just more summer than others.
 Today I forgot about time, pace, goals, heck, even trails, and just played on the mountain, explored unknown terrain, and fought with the wind. It was glorious to feel like a little child up there today. Having it all to myself made it feel extra special. #runhighs  After traversing both on and off trail 26 miles of Oregon's most rugged wilderness I think it's safe to say I couldn't ask for better companions. This, of course, was already a known fact going into the run. #runhighs #cusickmountain #eaglecapwilderness  I'm taking a [hopefully very short] break from running due to what I believe is a mild case of peroneal tendinosis and am quite pleased with being back in the saddle of another Tamland. Larch is always a great training ride.



1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience

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