Orcas Island 50k 2016

Orcas Island 50k 2016

The smiles were never forced and rarely forgotten, although once 18 miles were under my belt I found that they had to be at times forcefully remembered. Despite the hurt and blur of it all these middle miles were likely the most notable, because it was here I pushed through the drawl of weaknesses revealed. The incredible doses of elevation proved both climbing and falling to be strong suits of mine—I was even deemed Strider during this race as a result—resumed running, however, is where my legs turned to jello and fault was found.

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Home to hundreds of trails suitable to alpinists in training, the Columbia River Gorge offers easy to demanding challenges to residents of Portland and the PNW.


Exploring Oregon’s cascade volcanoes one north face at a time. The off season in particular yields stunning beauty, solitude and often untouched terrain, if not brutal conditions.


To summit the one hundred highest peaks of Oregon is a feat that few, three I believe, have ever accomplished. The sum total of their diversity is unparalleled in our nation.


 A bonus to filming out east was that I got to climb my second multi-pitch route. The rock was very cold, but the weather was quite pleasant. . . . #smithrock #rockclimbing #blackandwhite #upperleft #upperleftusa #pnw  Taking a lunch breather from the stale aired living room after my fever broke. Two short miles on the Nordic skis through our neighborhood still zapped me pretty good though. . . . . #nordicskiing #runhighs #pnw  Nordic skiing the quiet neighborhood tonight. I'm still counting the miles. #runhighs
 Hoping the weather remains moody and rain free on a small shoot out near Smith today. . . . . #commercialphotography #pnw #upperleftusa #upperleft #blackandwhite #smithrock  Arroyo Respite  Snow man?
 Friends, acquaintances, agencies and distant followers: I don't often advertise my own work, but have recently stepped back into a full time freelance role and want to extend my presence as a commercial, lifestyle and portrait photographer and filmmaker. I am based in Portland, OR and am available to travel both near and far. Check out my new website for more information: . . . #pnw #upperleftusa #upperleft #blackandwhite #portraitphotography #portrait #portland #lifestyle #commercialphotography #photography  When you try pulling a fast one on gridlock.  One end was the sun, the other ... #runhighs #sunriserun
 Between errands I did a little running in a small hurricane. #runhighs  I won't soon forget you. #nordicskiing #runhighs  That ongoing 42 degree outlook has been coming along nicely here at the ol homestead.



1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience

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