Orcas Island 50k 2016

Orcas Island 50k 2016

The smiles were never forced and rarely forgotten, although once 18 miles were under my belt I found that they had to be at times forcefully remembered. Despite the hurt and blur of it all these middle miles were likely the most notable, because it was here I pushed through the drawl of weaknesses revealed. The incredible doses of elevation proved both climbing and falling to be strong suits of mine—I was even deemed Strider during this race as a result—resumed running, however, is where my legs turned to jello and fault was found.

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Home to hundreds of trails suitable to alpinists in training, the Columbia River Gorge offers easy to demanding challenges to residents of Portland and the PNW.


Exploring Oregon’s cascade volcanoes one north face at a time. The off season in particular yields stunning beauty, solitude and often untouched terrain, if not brutal conditions.


To summit the one hundred highest peaks of Oregon is a feat that few, three I believe, have ever accomplished. The sum total of their diversity is unparalleled in our nation.


 The winter sun won't last like a mattress store sale, so I hope everyone makes the most of it. #runhighs #trailrunning  This graph depicts yesterday mornings wind in the Gorge near Cape Horn. I happened to be out there from 9-11am, and experienced first hand the near 80 mph gusts along the cliffs beside Cape Horn's lower trail. Be very careful out there today, it's looking to be the same. #runhighs #trailrunning #hurricaneforcewinds  There's a brittle, ever shifting landscape all about us. #wyeast #runhighs #runnersofthewild
 Every Tuesday I end work around 3:00, but have a work meeting at 5. It's the perfect opportunity for a decent run, and come 4:15 I find myself atop Council Crest looking out over the city. Then one of these little gels comes to my aid, and I find my way back down the mountain in time for the meeting. I'm pretty excited Hüma brought me onto their team this year, and look forward to many more gels getting me through all of the upcoming runs and races. #runhighs #trailrunning #pnw #humabeing #humagel  Wind swept and on high widow maker alert, I made my way along the Beacon Rock 25K course. It was sweet relief to run in the Gorge again, and on a sunny day set in a state of perpetual golden hour no less. Skout and Hüma "got me through the miles" and Patagonia's Storm Racer kept me protected from the harsh windchill without breaking a sweat.  Looking back on another brutal and beautiful traverse of the summer season from yesterday: Here's Tyler Green at 7500ft, 10.5 hours, 31 of 44 miles, and soaking it all up. #runhighs #runnersofthewild
 NYE Sunrise run at Mt Tabor. It's been a pretty great year of running and racing with Katy by my side, and I'm excited to continue the trend moving forward. #runhighs #humabeing #hüma #humagel  Pull yourself out of bed, start toward coffee, and stagger down your dark hallway ... wait, what's that I'm stepping on? It feels like a rubber gasket. Three rat kills in under a week. #sistermaryclarence  Learning from the goats how one ought to traverse. #runhighs
 Icy trails were plentiful in the Tillamook forest, and there was no wind. What a glorious day! #runhighs #pnwonderland  There came a huge relief upon reading today's race brief about the Forest Service reopening a part of the course, previously closed due to a fire. I'm definitely looking forward to this run! #elkhorncrest50 #elkhorncresttrail #runhighs #runnersofthewild  #TARRT2017 It's been such a gift and blessing to experience Alaska with this great of community, especially sharing this with Katy. #runhighs #denalistatepark #trailrunning



1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks
b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience

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